Problem Solving in Interventional Oncology

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Edited by Tze Min Wah, Professor and Senior Consultant Diagnostic & Interventional Radiologist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

• Structured problem-solving approach including 15 perspective chapters and examining 33 case studies

• A valuable tool for doctors, nurses and graduate medical trainees in oncology

• Produced in partnership with the Association of Cancer Physicians (ACP)

The aim of Problem Solving in Interventional Oncology is to provide an evidence-based guidebook that presents an overview of the current thinking and clinical practice in this field. The book will be in two parts:  overview chapters in traditional format, and over 30 case studies described.

By referring to individual case studies written and/or overseen by experienced physicians, the reader can learn about Interventional Oncology (IO) and its use in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and cancer-related problems using minimally invasive procedures performed under image guidance.

Each clinical case will include a concise discussion on patient presentation and of scenarios underpinning issues experienced by patients followed by a clear appraisal of how the latest clinical research impacts on patient management. The aim is to help the busy clinician modify daily medical practice in response to individual cases.

The core readership is the physician in oncology (and other medical disciplines), working in primary care, district hospitals or main general hospitals, cancer units and cancer centres.  Specialist nurses, trainee specialists and senior students are an important potential readership. Those engaged in research and development, or service design, will also find the book a useful guide to best current practice.