Evidence-based Handbooks of Investigation and Diagnosis

Evidence-based Handbooks from EBN Health bring wisdom from leading practitioners to bear on aspects of medicine to provide practical guidance for clinicians, allied health professionals, researchers, trainees and students. Highly illustrated and carefully curated content puts evidence and knowledge into best practice. Our objective is to improve outcomes for patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems.

Titles in the series:

Lymphoid Malignancies

Problem Solving in Oncology Series

This multi-award winning series of Oncology titles is supported by the Association of Cancer Physicians (ACP). For each title a prestigious team of Editors bring together a diverse range of experts to explore an aspect of Oncology in robust detail. The results are presented as a series of case studies, offering clear pathways and problem solving solutions for clinicians.

Titles in the series:

Problem Solving in Cancer and Fertility

End of Life Choices for Cancer Patients

Problem Solving in Acute Oncology 2nd edn

Problem Solving in Cancer Immunotherapy

Problem Solving in Patient-Centred and Integrated Cancer Care

Problem Solving through Precision Oncology

Problem Solving in Older Cancer Patients

500 Single Best Answers for the Medical Oncology Specialty Certificate Exam

Problem Solving in Interventional Oncology

UKONS texts

Fundamentals of Cancer Care is an important text for all health professionals caring for cancer patients, particularly nurses and students.

Fundamentals of Cancer Care