Problem Solving in Acute Oncology

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  • Created in partnership with the Association of Cancer Physicians (ACP)
  • Structured problem solving approach examining over 35 cases
  • Support and training for medical graduates and wider learning and CPD

About the Book

In the United Kingdom, there has been increasing attention paid to the needs of cancer patients who present acutely with issues relating to their diagnosis and management, complications of their cancer, complications arising from their treatment, or who require appropriate symptom control or palliative care. There is a substantial service development to ensure that Acute Oncology is appropriately provided in order to improve the outcomes and wellbeing of patients.

This book proposes a template that can be used by any professional involved in the planning and delivery of acute oncology care around the world. The book is formally supported by the Association of Cancer Physicians (ACP). This highly patient-centred, readable text will be of value to clinicians, healthcare strategic and operations managers, and doctors in training, in their daily work.

SECTION ONE Perspectives in the Development of Acute Oncology
1. The Development of Acute Oncology: Solutions and Options, Ernie Marshall, Pauline Leonard, Alison Young
2. Nursing Developments in Acute Oncology, Jeanette Ribton, Kathryn Oddy
3. Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP), Richard Osborne
4. The Acute Cancer Patient in the Acute Medical Admitting Unit, Charlie Wilkinson, Alison Young
5. High-Risk Patient Outside Intensive Care, Komal Ray, Jay Naik, Stuart Murdoch
6. High-Dependency Unit Contribution, Komal Ray, Jay Naik, Stuart Murdoch
7. Intensive Care Unit for Cancer Patients, Komal Ray, Jay Naik, Stuart Murdoch
8. Managing Acute Issues in Oncology in Canada and the United States, Monika Krzyzanowska, Jennifer Malin
9. Managing Acute Issues in Oncology in Australasia, Bridget Robinson
10. Acute Oncology in a District Hospital – the Airedale Perspective, S Michael Crawford, Patricia Dyminski, Maxine Armitage
11. The Future of Acute Oncology, Alison Young, Ernie Marshall

SECTION TWO Complications of Systemic Therapy
12. Febrile Neutropenia, Amy Ford, Ernie Marshall
13. Tumour Lysis Syndrome, Christopher Parrish, Gordon Cook
14. Antiangiogenic Therapy, Gordon Urquhart, Fiona Collinson
15. Cardiac Toxicity, Pankaj Punia, Chris Plummer
16. Liver Problems, Luis Daverede, Dan Swinson, Rebecca Jones
17. Acute Kidney Injury, Lucy Wyld, Christy Ralph, Andrew Lewington
18. Chemotherapy-Related Renal Toxicity, Lucy Wyld, Christy Ralph, Andrew Lewington
19. Metabolic Complications, Emma Rathbone, Jennifer Walsh, Janet Brown
20. Diabetes, Jenny Seligmann, Dan Swinson, Stephen Gilbey
21. Cutaneous Manifestations of Chemotherapy, Mehran Afshar, Cath Siller, Julia Newton Bishop
22. Gut Infections and Acute Diarrhoea, Daniel Lee, Alan Anthoney
23. Peripheral Neurotoxicity, Greg Heath, Susan Short, Helen Ford
24. Central Neurotoxicity, Greg Heath, Susan Short, Helen Ford
25. Chemotherapy-Induced Lung Toxicity, Lisa Owen, Satiavani Ramasamy, Dan Stark, Paul Plant

SECTION THREE Complications of Radiotherapy
26. Radiation Pneumonitis, Ahmed Hashmi, Isabel Syndikus
27. Radiation-Induced Head and Neck Mucositis, Mary Anthonypillai, Isabel Syndikus
28. Management of Radiotherapy-Related Acute Skin Toxicity in the Acute Oncology Setting, Anthony Pope, Isabel Syndikus
29. Toxicity Related to Pelvic Radiotherapy, Mary Anthonypillai, Isabel Syndikus
30. Central Nervous System Toxicity of Radiotherapy, Anthony Pope

SECTION FOUR Complications of Cancer
31. Spinal Cord Compression, Peter Robson, Martin Wilby
32. Superior Vena Cava Obstruction, Chan Ton, Nabile Mohsin
33. Brain Metastases, Pooja Jain, Allison Hall, Andrew Brodbelt
34. Paraneoplastic Syndromes, Greg Heath, Susan Short, Helen Ford
35. Venous Thromboembolism, Anna Mullard, Helen Innes, Maged Gharib
36. Malignant Renal Obstruction, Shaker Abdallah, Jonathan Wide
37. Management of Malignant Ascites in the Acute Oncology Setting, Anoop Haridass, Neil Kapoor, Helen Neville-Webbe
38. Malignant Pleural Effusion, Judith Carser, Martin Ledson
39. Metabolic Complications of Malignancy: Hypercalcaemia, Eliyaz Ahmed, Richard Griffiths, Sid McNulty
40. Metabolic Complications of Malignancy: Hyponatraemia, Eliyaz Ahmed, Richard Griffiths, Sid McNulty
41. Bowel Obstruction in Acute Oncology, Mike Scott, John Green
42. Malignant Pericardial Effusion, Madhuchanda Chatterjee, Judith Carser, Nick Palmer

SECTION FIVE Acute Palliative Care and Pain Control
43. Initiating Pain Management, Karen Neoh, Michael Bennett
44. Neuropathic Cancer Pain, Adam Hurlow, Michael Bennett

SECTION SIX Patients in Clinical Trials
45. Management of Acute Toxicity of Patients in Clinical Trials, Adel Jebar, Chris Twelves, Debbie Beirne
46. Recording and Reporting Adverse Events in the Context of Clinical Trials, Adel Jebar, Chris Twelves, Debbie Beirne
47. Informed Consent in Clinical Trials: A Dynamic Process, Adel Jebar, Chris Twelves, Debbie Beirne

Edited by:
Ernie Marshall, Macmillian Consultant in Medical Oncology, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Merseyside, UK; Alison Young, Consultant Medical Oncologist, St James's Institute of Oncology, St James's University Hospital, Leeds, UK; Peter I. Clark, Professor of Medical Oncology, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Merseyside, UK; and Chair, NHS England Chemotherapy Clinical Reference Group; Peter Selby, Professor of Cancer Medicine, St James's Institute of Oncology and University of Leeds, Leeds, UK; President of the Association of Cancer Physicians.

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272pp; 234 x 156mm; Illustrations; Paperback;
Publication Date: October 2013