Implementing Your Quality Healthcare Information Solution

EBN can help you train your healthcare professionals to use their new knowledge resource, ensuring the best outcomes for the patients, the doctors themselves and the healthcare system as a whole.

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EBN can:
  • Ensure evidence-based practice and clinical independence by training local teams
  • Train your healthcare professionals on how to use the knowledge resources in the best, most efficient way
  • Coach your healthcare professionals to be able to train others
  • Work with your universities to create student training programmes  
  • Run workshops to increase confidence and insight
  • Hold clinical knowledge, evidence-based medicine and clinical guideline advice surgeries 
  • Help ensure the best return on your investment across your healthcare system

Creating the Habit of using Knowledge Resources in Clinical Decision Making

You have the tool to make a difference: digital knowledge resources which will reduce medication errors and encourage best practice which is great! Now the question is: how do you get people to use it?  Asking people to change how they operate can be tough, especially for healthcare professionals who have very little time to focus on learning new resources.  You need a plan, or the support of EBN to train your key opinion leaders and clinicians.  Good training will grow confidence and trust in your knowledge resource, and exercises showcasing the various features will ensure an understanding of the parts of the system.  Familiarity gained through training can remove any worries about the unknown and build new habits.

We can help you get your clinicians on board and ensure your project gets the best possible return, both through direct training, and more indirect support of your trainers.  We want to support you taking those first few steps so that your healthcare system can grow and excel.  

For more information on how we can help you improve your Healthcare System, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.