Creating Expert Networks and Panels

Experts for Best Practice

For a clinical knowledge resource to be effective in improving best practice and delivering benefits to patients, doctors and the government alike, it must have input from experts from different disciplines across the board.  No knowledge base can achieve quality healthcare without buy-in from many people.

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EBN actively encourages this through:
  • Creating boards of medical, political and funding stakeholders for direction and oversight
  • Enabling expert panels with local and international participants for analysis, review and insight
  • Aiding links with other evidence-based medicine information teams to share developments and improvements
  • Implementing international links with leading medical and pharmacy schools for new information

Working Together for the Greater Good

We know that it can be hard to get projects moving smoothly: there are many skilled people involved and each person has such different needs that it can sometimes feel that nothing will ever happen. At EBN we’re here to ensure your project happens by keeping everybody involved together. We also make sure we use the expertise of all our experts as we know everyone has something valuable to offer to the process. We can help achieve and common vision and goal to get the best quality healthcare leading to best practice and best patient care.

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