Communications and Marketing

Marketing and Communication Support for Quality Healthcare

Make sure that all your healthcare professionals know about your new service or National Formulary with EBN’s marketing and communication support.  

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EBN offers:
  • Marketing support in the form of strategy, action plans and training to ensure a successful roll out
  • Suggested actions to help your healthcare professionals know about your new National Formulary and why they should use it
  • Support in creating your any marketing and communication actions
  • Key messages to suit your country and advice on how to use them  

Promoting Evidence-Based Clinical information resources

In a world in which clinical choices abound, and evidence is variable, the use of evidence-based clinical information is more important than ever. Doctors, nurses and all health professionals are knowledge workers, and need good training in the use of information. EBN Health has a team of experts who work with publishers to make sure that information needs are met, and that users understand the full value of the resources to which they have access. We work with leading medical publishers around the world - and make sure the value and level of use of their work is fully appreciated and widely used to improve patient care.

Creating and Providing Knowledge Resources is the First Step…

Quality healthcare matters.  You’ve taken an important leap forward in modern healthcare if you create or provide a digital knowledge platform for your clinical teams, but it will only work if people know about it and use it.  It’s like throwing the best party in the world but not sending out invitations, and being disappointed when no-one turns up.  Communication may seem like a lesser aspect of a big project, but it’s a really important one to get the results you and your healthcare system need.  You need to make sure everyone involved from individuals to Medical Associations know that your knowledge resources exist and how to access them.

… Communicating the Benefits is the Next Mile.

Your frontline healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing the best care they can for their patients, but as busy people, unless they see a tangible benefit of your knowledge resources, they will not use it. We can help you create a communication plan that demonstrates those benefits: from reducing medication errors; to increasing available accurate drug information; to improving best practice; to ultimately improving the patients’ experience and improving the healthcare system as a whole.  We can suggest targeted actions for different groups of healthcare professionals and help you create materials that show how to use your knowledge resources and encourage its usage, as well as key messages for the media, pharmaceutical companies and your patients.  Don’t be the only one at the party!

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