Starting the Kazakhstan National Formulary (KNF)

The Aim

The aim of the KNF was simple: the Kazakhstan Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development wished to improve patient care and prescribing doctors’ knowledge through having the latest high quality and peer reviewed information at point of care. Ministers wanted a bespoke solution that would take on board national practices and be able to be tailored to the exact needs of Kazakhstan healthcare professionals, their patients, and the overall healthcare system.  After looking at various options, it was decided that a bespoke digital National Formulary would be the best solution.

ebn name plate

The Tender Process

The need for a bespoke National Formulary was supported by The World Bank, an international financial institution that can provide loans and advice for governments and large-scale projects. Together they created a tender that was distributed via the World Bank. Both the Ministry of Kazakhstan and the World Bank evaluated the responses. The KNF project formed part of a wider long-term project to strengthen the healthcare infrastructure of Kazakhstan.

The Choice

EBN Health were chosen to assist due to its outstanding end-to-end service offering, from planning, creation and development all the way through to launch and post-launch support.  With a combination of clinical, pharmacological, publishing and digital technology expertise, the EBN Team has exactly what is required to bring evidence to bear on decisions at point of care.