The KNF Today and into the Future

Creating a National Formulary is only ever the first step: the next is to make sure that it is used and remains as useful as it can be.

Communication smallCommunications

To help ensure that the KNF is fully adopted, EBN Health created an extensive marketing and communications plan for the Kazakhstan government. As well as creating the strategy and tactics, we helped to deliver the campaign the course of the year alongside the local KNF Team. The plan not only aids in growing awareness of the KNF, but goes beyond in looking to actively promote trial use, increase usage and encourage habit formation.

NC teaching small


In order to understand how the KNF works, EBN Health has been actively involved in training some of the key stakeholders in Kazakhstan. This includes running workshops to 'train the trainers’ with associated support materials, working with the universities within Kazakhstan to include the KNF in medical and pharmacy education, and working with the Institutes for continuing professional development to include additional KNF knowledge.


KNF Team


To keep the Kazakhstan National Formulary as up to date as possible, EBN Health has created a talented editorial team consisting of Kazakhstan medical professionals who have been trained by us to develop the KNF further. They can add new medicines, and refine and improve the information available. This editorial team is advised by a group of experts from across Kazakhstan with specialist knowledge of particular medical areas such as haematology and paediatrics. 

knf launchInto the Future

EBN Health will continue to support the Kazakhstan government to support them and further enhance the KNF, including covering the needs of medical professionals when treating children, reflecting best practice in palliative care, and assisting professionals to combat antimicrobial resistance. Easier access through smartphone apps will ensure KNF remains a core tool at the point of care.