Creating the Kazakhstan National Formulary (KNF)

Collecting the Core Information

The KNF is unique in that the structure is based on the International Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system. KNF drug monographs can therefore be linked directly to other sources including registration documents and WHO information. We believe this is the first time a national formulary has been constructed this way, allowing links to other high quality sources, and providing support for the rational use of medicines. The KNF is therefore the most advanced source of evidence-based information for healthcare in central Asia, if not the world.

The backbone of the rest of the information within the KNF was written by the EBN Health Team and drawn from a number of internationally recognised sources, including:

  • Licenced Medicines Information as submitted by the pharmaceutical companies to the Kazakhstan Government
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) including the WHO Model Formulary
  • National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) from the United Kingdom
  • Cochrane Collaboration

knf screenshotData Distribution and Access

In order to be of the greatest benefit, the KNF exists online. It can be viewed at within Kazakhstan.

The KNF was developed with an expert Kazakhstan software company to ensure a seamless use of the latest digital publishing technology. Created with a responsive design to ensure it can be navigated easily on both desktops and mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets, it can be used anywhere at a point of clinical decision making.  

Underpinning all forms of the KNF is a state-of-the-art content management system which has been designed specifically for this task using open source software.