The Kazakhstan National Formulary

The Kazakhstan National Formulary (KNF) is more than just a list of proven, approved medicines: it is a knowledge base to improve patient outcomes, best practice and quality healthcare. The KNF and the associated formulary services and support structures were designed to provide a future-proof, bespoke solution for Kazakhstan, which took into account national prescribing practices and local evidence-based medicine experiences. The KNF can be accessed at within Kazakhstan.


The KNF was created in partnership with the Kazakhstan Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development. The aim was to provide access to the latest up-to-date, approved and effective prescribing information. EBN Health was chosen after a tender process and delivered the KNF within 6 months.

Containing information on all the approved, evidence-based medicines for prescription within Kazakhstan, the KNF can be accessed through any online connection. Editors update the KNF in real time using strictly controlled editorial processes on a state-of-the-art content management system. EBN Health have pioneered processes to assess and include new medicines and evidence going forwards, including creating and training a local expert editorial team. The KNF was created with a responsive design to ensure it can be navigated easily on both desktops and mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets. It can be used anywhere at a point of clinical decision making to help remove variations in care and improve healthcare for the patient and the prescribing professional. 

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