About us

Evidence-based Networks Ltd (EBN) was founded in 2013 by Duncan Enright, and is an expert team of dedicated specialists with a global reach and a drive to help improve healthcare through better use of evidence, best practice, information and communication. Headquartered near Oxford UK, the team is located around the world and each member brings different perspectives, including clinical, publishing and communications expertise, to solve your problems and establish sustainable healthcare systems and solutions. Evidence-based Networks Ltd is registered in the UK with company number 08613735.

Our Quality Healthcare Heroes

Duncan Polaroid
Duncan Enright, Managing Director

Duncan Enright is passionate about creating knowledge resources containing latest evidence and best practice to professionals to improve their decision making. He has extensive experience in healthcare publishing, was the head of the British National Formulary for five years and a Founder Director of the New Zealand Formulary. A publishing professional for over 30 years, Duncan also spent ten years as a non-executive director in the UK National Health Service. Duncan speaks some French and rusty Spanish and German. He is currently attempting to add Russian to his repertoire. Duncan’s aim is to make the world a better place, so he is proud to have been elected as a local councillor in his home town of Witney, Oxfordshire, in the heart of the UK.  


Natalia Cebotarenco, Chief Pharmacologist

Chief Pharmacologist Natalia Cebotarenco is the leader of the Coalition on Rational and Safe Use of Medicines in Moldova where she lives. Natalia is a respected authority and has travelled the world advising on the use of medicines. Natalia is fluent in Russian and English. Natalia believes everyone has a right to the best care and is actively getting out there to make sure they do.



Rachel Polaroid
Rachel ryan, expert advisor

 Rachel has extensive experience in healthcare systems and formularies. Rachel worked for over 18 years as an editor for the British National Formulary (BNF) and was one of the creators of both the World Health Organisation (WHO) Model Formulary and BNF for Children.

Rachel is passionate about formularies and their usage in as many countries as possible for as many people as possible to improve healthcare provision.



John PolaroidJohn martin, expert advisor

Dr John Martin is a freelance medical and pharmaceutical writer and consultant. After graduating from the School of Pharmacy in London, John worked in hospital pharmacy before completing his doctorate in behavioural pharmacology in Leicester. John then started his career in publishing at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in 1987 working on a diverse range of publications. John held various senior editorial positions on British National Formulary publications, which was his main focus for more than 20 years.



Sarah Polaroid


Sarah Mohamad has over 9 years' experience as a medical writer and pharmacist. After graduating from the School of Pharmacy, London, with a Master of Pharmacy, Sarah worked in community and hospital pharmacy before joining the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) in 2010. At the RPS, Sarah was a clinical writer at British National Formulary Publications for over 4 years and has since assisted pharmaceutical industry scientists in writing and reporting their research, whilst working at Parexel. Sarah has a special interest in the use of digital technology to significantly enhance healthcare and transform health education.

Natalya Polaroid

Natalya is a highly qualified pharmacist with a Masters from the Kazakhstan National Medical University in Almaty. She has worked in a range of settings, from high street pharmacy (as a pharmacist and head of pharmacy chain) to international public health agency (SOS Clinic), and has an intimate knowledge of the distribution and use of medicines across the country. Natalya is a Russian native speaker but also has fluent English and some German. She is also a keen skiing and trekking enthusiast.



Kuanysh Polaroid

Kuanysh is a Software Developer with 15 year experience in IT Healthcare. He has implemented healthcare projects like: HIS (Hospital Information Systems); Medicines formularies; Telemedicine; Medicines procurements; LIS (Laboratory Information Systems); and other projects in healthcare.  

Kuanysh is always ready to meet challenges head on because he believes it develops a higher level of expertise and understanding.



Krystyna Polaroid
Krystyna Joyce, Marketing Specialist

Krystyna has been working in Medical Marketing for over 10 years in various parts of the industry.  An Oxford University and Chartered Institute of Marketing graduate, Krystyna believes passionately in ethical marketing and working for companies where their business is a positive benefit to their customers across the board.  

Krystyna has a passion for travel and a love of adventure.  She is a qualified scuba diver with specialisation in wrecks, a black belt in karate, and has worked for charity in jungles of Borneo helping protect primary rainforest and develop young people in the process.  She aims to have been to as many countries as her age at any point.  



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