Problem Solving in Oncology Series

Problem solving in oncology series

This award winning series of Oncology titles is supported by the Association of Cancer Physicians (ACP), a leading authority in this specialised field.

For each title a prestigious team of Editors bring together a diverse range of experts to explore an aspect of Oncology in robust detail. The results are presented as a series of case studies, offering clear pathways and problem solving solutions for clinicians. Books in the series have been praised for offering “a rich perspective into complicated treatment pathways” (British Geriatrics Society) and have received a highly-regarded BMA book award.

Oncologists, surgeons, general physicians and trainees along with oncology nurses, clinical scientists and healthcare administrators will all find these clinical cases an important resource.

Problem Solving THROUGH Precision Oncology

PAPO Cover

This new educational resource provides an overview of the latest progress in developing precision oncology, plus a ground breaking collection of case studies ("Problems") showing precision oncology in practice. It includes a clear, readable summary of developments, alongside real-life case studies, providing a valuable update for all involved in the oncology community. The editors lead research and clinical teams at four UK centres of excellence in the field.

Book Details:
ISBN: 978-1-84692-111-7
Publication Date: November 2016

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 Problem Solving in Older Cancer Patients 


Winner of the 2016 BMA Medical Book Awards - Oncology Title
An evidence-based guidebook that will assist managing the older cancer patient and implementing the appropriate treatment strategy taking account of comorbidities, frailty, and patient choice. Based around case studies, this carefully crafted book shares the experience of an expert multidisciplinary team in the interest of patient centred care.

 Book details:
ISBN: 978 1 84692 110 0
Publication Date: 2016

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Problem Solving in Acute Oncology

PSAO CoverThis book is focused around the needs of cancer patients who present acutely with issues relating to their diagnosis and management, complications of their cancer, complications arising from their treatment, or who require appropriate symptom control or palliative care. This book proposes a template that can be used by any professional involved in the planning and delivery of acute oncology care around the world.

Book Details:
ISBN: 978 1 84692 108 7
Publication Date: 2014

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Problem Solving in Oncology

PSO CoverThe first book in the Problem Solving in Oncology series, this book presents a comprehensive caseload as seen by the oncologist. Each case begins with a few practical questions, followed by clinical presentation and the logical work-up of a case to reach a diagnosis with a rapid pictorial overview of the clinical steps involved. Essential references are provided. Each of the major areas of cancer is covered, along with pain, management of chemotherapy, and psychological issues.

Book Details:
ISBN: 978 1 904392 84 2
Publication Date: 2008

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